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Shaun pledged Sigma Phi Delta as a Freshman at Tri-State University in the fall of 2001. He graduated in 2005 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. During his time at Tri-State, he gained experience working at both a machine shop and a construction products manufacturer as an engineer. After graduation, he moved into orthopedics as a Manufacturing Engineer for Zimmer Holdings. After working there for a year or so, he accepted a position as a Mirrors and Mounts Engineer for ITT, where he still works today. ITT became Exelis, where Shaun's title was a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, and then more recently it was acquired by Harris, Inc. Shaun is currently the Group Lead for the Mechanical Design group and hasĀ  9 direct reports (functional manager), which will increase to 10 after the first of the year. He is also the Tasking Manager for an additional 8 engineers over the various projects for which he is the lead engineer. His normal duties include functional management, detail design, subject matter expertise for thermal control systems, project management, research and development, and process improvements/system design. Shaun has been married for 12 years, and he has a 2 year old daughter. He decided to become involved with the Kappa Alumni Chapter after the "generous and thorough encouragement" of Brother Rod Jacobs. As a member of the Board of Directors, Shaun hopes to increase the level of involvement and interface with Sigma Phi Delta, and he also hopes to provide opportunities, advice, and/or guidance to his fellow Brothers.