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As the Fall EOT rapidly approaches, it's a good time for a reminder on the house rules. Although, the fines technically only apply to the Active members, these are rules that apply to and should be followed by all guests of the house. One relatively new rule is the one about pets.

PETS: There are NO PETS (including but not limited to dogs) allowed on the property. This includes Actives, Alumni, and anyone else who may visit the house. Having pets on the property is in direct violation of both the Sigma Phi Delta International insurance policy as well as the Kappa Alumni of Sigma Phi Delta, Inc lease and insurance policy.

DISHES: Plates, bowls, silverware, cups, glasses, pots, pans, casserole dishes, cutting board, appliances, and big defrosting bowls will be cleaned by the person(s) using them. Fines will be assessed. Rinse your plates off on the RIGHT side of the sink after eating.

FOOD: If it’s not yours, don’t eat it. A $20 fine will be assessed to anyone CAUGHT IN THE ACT of stealing food.

Other than water, NO EATING OR DRINKING IN GRAND ROOM!!! If you eat, drink, spill or leave a stain in the grand room a $10 fine will be assessed.

Air/Heat will be turned on and off by Chief, Vice Chief, or Business Manager ONLY!!!

DRINKING: If you drink in the basement or anywhere else in the house, clean up your mess. Fines will be assessed for those who leave the mess.

NO DESTRUCTION OF THE HOUSE!!! i.e. punching or kicking holes in the walls, windows, or throwing knives into doors or walls.

Shut off all lights and electronics when leaving a room. Keep front door locked at all times

The house is to be locked no later than midnight every night.

Pool Sticks: Intentional damaging or abuse of a pool stick will incur a $1 fine.