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My name is Andrew Slovacek aka "Slov". I started at Tri-State University in Fall 2004. I majored in Mechanical Engineering and Minored in Metallurgy. I started pledging in Fall 2007 as a Junior and finished in Spring 2008 (spent 2007 on co-op as a Gear Engineer for Dana Corp, in Toledo, OH). I graduated in 2009 BSME, Co-op cert, and metal minor. After graduation, I took a job as a Tire Engineer for Titan Tire Inc, in Bryan, OH. I took a promotion, learned Electrical Engineering, and became an Electrotechnical Engineer doing large capital projects and energy upgrades (I also worked with two alumni I went to school with - Jarred McCain EE 2010 and Adam Greiner DET 2010). In July of 2016, I left Titan Tire Inc, and joined my family's company as VP of Engineering (Interdyne Inc). I currently run my family's automotive manufacturing company as my father has started pulling back for retirement. I have an 8-year-old son named Merik (born a few weeks before college graduation). I live by Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, MI. I decided to get involved in Sigma Phi Delta as an alumnus because the time that I spent as an Active was some of the hardest years due to lack of alumni support (we had a few really active alumni Keith, Johnny, Mike), but basically, we were left alone struggling to survive. I wanted to help and give back what was missing when I was active to keep one of the biggest parts that has shaped my personal and professional life. I have been Treasurer since 2010. I look forward too many more decades of great experiences and friends.