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With a project as large scale as the new fire pit, it is very important for every little detail of the planning to be perfect before moving forward. Unfortunately, there are some details that are not quite perfect at this time so the start date of the construction has been delayed. This means that it will not be ready in time for EOT (October 10th). Board member and fire pit project lead, Rodney Jacobs, has recently been in contact with some of the family members of Brother Brian Nissley. Sadly, Brian joined the Castle Eternal earlier this summer, and his family is interested in helping with the project by donating various materials and equipment in order to pay tribute to Brian. Discussions are currently ongoing to figure out exactly what materials can be donated and if or how those materials can be incorporated into the final design of the fire pit. Once these discussions are concluded, there may be a need for a slight re-design, and there will definitely be a need for new quotes. A new start date for the construction will be planned accordingly pending the results of the updated project plan. If you would like to be a part of this project as well, please click here to donate and specify that your donation is for the fire pit. Thank you to all of those who have already made generous donations for this project. The more donations that are made, the more funding there will be available for future projects of this magnitude, so all contributions are much appreciated.

The goal of the fire pit project has always been to create an area for people to gather outside as well as something to draw the attention of potential new members. The idea is to excavate part of the hill on the south west corner of the parking lot and build a seating structure which will incorporate a fit pit in its center. The current plan includes stadium style tiered seating built into the hillside as well as bench seating on the remaining sides. The seating will be arranged in an octagonal shape all surrounding the fire pit in its center. A portion of the seating structure will be left open leaving room for a truck to pull up to the pit in order to drop off fire wood or to simply provide tailgate seating. The above and below renderings were done by Vic Martin of Martin Riley in Fort Wayne, Indiana who has provided us with house renderings in the past. The top rendering gives a pretty good idea of what the completed project will look like, although the final product may vary slightly. The bottom rendering shows an aerial view of fire pit location in relation to the Castle and surrounding structures. This will be a grand structure that will catch the eye of any passersby and help us stand apart from the other Greek houses, and it will definitely be something we can all be proud of.