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The Kappa Chapter Fall EOT was held the weekend of October 10th, and for those of you who were in attendance, your support is much appreciated! The weekend also honored the graduates of 1965 who were celebrating their 50 year anniversary, and although not many were able to make it back, it was nice to see those who did. For those who were able to make it back and even those who were not, please take a few minutes to fill out this quick EOT survey to help Kappa Chapter make the next EOT even better.

Saturday began with an open house where Alumni and some of their families gathered before the meeting to meet the newest Brothers and reconnect with old friends. In the early afternoon, the Kappa Alumni Annual Meeting took place lead by President of the Board of Directors (at the time), Jake Black. Meeting attendance included 18 Alumni and 12 Actives. Kappa Active Chief Engineer, Tyler Finup, gave an update on the state of the Active Chapter including recent philanthropy (Toys for Tots, Powder Puff game, and upcoming FIRST involvement), professional practices (Dometic visit and presentation by Faculty Advisor Tom Barkimer), as well as involvement with International (General Convention, Rho Chapter charter, and Delta Chapter visit). General Convention Delegate, Casey O'Brien, gave a summary about the events of the 41st General Convention, and Construction Manager, Rodney Jacobs, gave an update on the fire pit project. Some personal announcements were made by Joe Fulcher and Jarred McCain who's wives are both expecting their first child. Congratulations to the both of them! The main order of business of the meeting was to elect a new Board of Directors. Jake Black, Mike Votaw, and Jon Eastham all had expiring terms.

Jake and Mike decided to seek re-election, and Jon respectfully declined noting that he was grateful he got a chance to be a part of the Board but wants to focus more on his Central Province Director duties. His support as Secretary was much appreciated and he will be missed. With Casey O'Brien accepting a nomination, all three nominees were voted in as Board members. Jake Black decided to step down as President. On a personal level, he wants to put himself in a position where he will be able to focus on family once he starts a family. On a fraternity level, he wants to focus more of his attention on the communication and Alumni relations aspects of the fraternity.The Board of Directors was organized as follows: Mike Votaw (President), Jake Black (Vice President), Andrew Slovacek (Treasurer), Casey O’Brien (Secretary), Rodney Jacobs (Construction Manager), Joe Fulcher (Project Manager), and Adam Greiner (Active Chapter Liaison).

Following the conclusion of the meeting, a Brotherhood dinner was hosted in the basement of the Castle and was prepared by Kappa Alumni, Jon Eastham. Dinner included pulled chicken, pulled pork, mashed potatoes, baked beans, and dinner rolls. The setting was extremely nice, and the dinner was delicious. Thanks to Jon for all the hard work on the dinner! After dinner was a time to relax and socialize reminiscing about the "good old days" and catching up with one another. The weekend could not have gone better. Thanks to Actives, Jalen Clinton and Brodie Bender, who helped plan the weekend's events, and thanks again for everyone who stopped by and helped set up. Hopefully we'll see you all next time!